How do you send traffic to my website?
Domain names are abandoned on a regular basis.  The previous owners of many of these domain names spent a countless amount of time and money marketing their websites on search engines and through other Internet advertising avenues.  Even when these websites are abandoned, the traffic still remains.  Basically, what we do is match your target audience with these abandoned websites and re-direct the hits to your website.  Since the target audiences match, all the hits re-directed to your website are authentic and valuable!

Is the traffic sent to my website targeted?
Yes.  We offer a variety of categories for you to choose from.  These categories range anywhere from business to family to sports.  We are confident that we have a category that will be perfect for your website.  If you do not find a category that fits your website in our list of categories or if you would like to request a different category, no problem!  Send us an email at we will be more than happy to assist you.  Our experts at will evaluate and help you target the most profitable traffic available!

Where do my visitors come from?
Our traffic comes from abandoned domain names.  To own a domain name, the owner has to pay an annual fee.  If the owner of a domain name does not pay within a certain period, their domain name expires.  The traffic generated on these websites still remains and is able to be redirected.  That is what we do at…we take this traffic on abandoned websites and direct it to your website.

It is important to know where your visitors are coming from.  Most targeted visitors come from search engines, like AltaVista, and independent websites.  That is the BEST traffic to generate and that is what we offer.   

Example 1:
A person decides to buy to start an Internet business. The owner then spends a lot of money to market the site on search engines. So now there is traffic or visitors going to his website. The owner of the site then decides not to renew his domain name. We then buy this expired domain name and redirect the current traffic to your website.

Since is still listed in the search engines, people will still be able to search and find this site. So if someone types in “free stuff” into a search engine and pulls up and clicks on it. The visitor will be instantly redirected to your website.

Example 2:
A person decides to start a website that caters to Business owners. He then buys and markets the site using several types of Internet marketing. After some successful marketing the site starts averaging 1,000 visitors per day. After trying to unsuccessfully make money with the site, he decides not to run the website anymore and lets the domain name expire. This now makes the domain available for the public. We then buy and direct the current traffic from to your website, giving you quality visitors.

This can also be used for an example of how we target traffic. If you buy the business traffic category, we would use this site for your traffic. Also, keep in mind that we use several sites to market your site and no just one site. This allows a more wide verity of targeted traffic.

What if I have pop-up on the site I want to use?
We currently have one plan that allows for pop-ups.  Visit our Packages page for more information.  If your website generates a popup, make sure you order the package that allows for pop-ups.

Can I view how many visitors I am getting?
Yes.  All of our packages come with real time statistics and are easy to access.  When you order one of our packages, we will send you a login name and password.  That means you can login and view your traffic 24 hours a day 7 days a week!  By viewing your statistics, you will be able to watch the traffic being generated to your website! 

How long does it take to receive all of my visitors that I ordered?
It will take thirty days from your start date to receive all of the traffic you purchased.

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. We also be accepted PayPal payments.  You will receive an email invoice after purchase.

Do you offer custom traffic plans?
Yes. Contact us at  One of our experts will assist you in setting up a custom traffic plan that will best fit your website’s needs.

Are there restrictions on the content of my site?
Yes.  Your website must be considered legal in the United States.  We will not offer traffic to sites with illegal content, hate text, or that endorse illegal activities.  Our traffic is only sent to websites that are appropriate for a general audience.

Do you use SPAM to generate traffic?
No.  All visitors are legitimate and real visitors.  We do not use SPAM to generate traffic to your website.  We send traffic to your website by redirecting visitors from abandoned domain names.

How soon will I start receiving traffic on my website?
Once your order for one our many great traffic packages has been processed, you will begin to receive traffic immediately!  Orders are generally processed within 24 hours of the time received.

Do you offer adult traffic?
No. We do not offer any type of adult traffic plans.


If you have any questions that were not answered on this page, please contact us with your question.

Free Statistics
Our packages come with real time statistics, which you can login and view 24/7.
Full Size Website Displayed
Your website is fully displayed in full page view unlike other websites with banners or mini pop-up windows.
Money Back Guarantee
You will receive a pro-rata refund if you don’t receive the visitors you pay for.
Target Traffic
We have several targeted plans and categories including business, health, shopping, and many more.
Start within 24 hours
Your traffic campaign will start within 24 hours.